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Storewide Clearance, 30% off! Help us make room for holiday goodies!!

Posted by Sandy on 9/10/2017 to Tasty Updates
Fall is the time of year when Tastes of Idaho restocks for the upcoming holiday season. ....
So, we are offering an unprecedented 30% store-wide sale (all products in stock, INCLUDING "Build-Your-Own BASKETS and close-out items!) for the next three days.

Huckleberry Honey Mojitos

Posted by Sandy on 9/5/2017 to Tasty Updates
Huckleberry honey is one of my favorite huckleberry products.  It adds a wonderful huckleberry flavor to muffins, bread, cereal, but my favorite way to enjoy huckleberry honey is on toast!

Elk meat sticks back in stock!

Posted by Sandy on 8/29/2017 to Tasty Updates
If you love the taste of wild game or if you like meat sticks, we now have a limited supply of elk sausage sticks back in stock. (Planning to stock more before the holiday season!)

Huckleberry Pie Recipes

Posted by Sandy on 8/22/2017 to Tasty Updates
If you love huckleberry pie, we have loads of huckleberry pie recipes on our Wild Huckleberry Lovers' site.  But, if you are like me and want an easy way to make huckleberry pie, we have just the product for you:  Huckleberry Pie Filling.Save

Huckleberries or Potatoes? Which is the TRUE Idaho?

Posted by Sandy on 7/27/2017 to Tasty Updates
Occasionally, we are asked (mostly by folks outside the Pacific Northwest) why we feature so many huckleberry items on our website.  After all, isn't Idaho the potato state? What many people don't know, is that the huckleberry is the official Idaho state fruit!!

Huckleberry gift box back in stock - best seller

Posted by Sandy on 7/21/2017 to Tasty Updates
Wild huckleberries are ripe on the plants in the Rocky Mountain regions of Idaho and Montana and it is looking like a bumper crop this season!  So what that means is more huckleberry products are available.

Beautiful new labels on fruit sweetened huck jam

Posted by Sandy on 7/14/2017 to Tasty Updates
We are proud to announce, Wild Mountain Berries delicious 100% fruit sweetened huckleberry jam is back in stock at Tastes of Idaho!

Looking for Idaho goodies for your conference or holiday event?

Posted by Sandy on 6/29/2017 to Tasty Updates
During the fall and winter, we do a booming business in special orders for the event and holiday industry.  With our connections to the huckleberry and Idaho gourmet food industries, we can often put together a special bulk order, even with products we don’t show on our website.

Gourmet Tater Mixes

Posted by Sandy on 6/23/2017 to Tasty Updates
Idaho's Famous Potatoes result in lots of value-added spud products. One line we recently started carrying, that's quickly become a customer favorite, is the Idahoan Potato Mixes!

Idaho state fruit jam comes in many huckleberry forms

Posted by Sandy on 6/8/2017 to Tasty Updates
Idaho is famous for its potatoes and, of course, it's huckleberry products!  (Did you know that huckleberries are the Idaho state fruit?)  And, huckleberry jam is, by far, our best selling product on the Tastes of Idaho website, in all its sizes, recipes, and brands.