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Whoppin' 16 huckleberry candies now in stock!

Posted by Sandy on 11/15/2017 to Newest Products
We've now maxed out our inventory of candies with REAL huckleberry and vibrant flavorings.  SIXTEEN different huckleberry candies, mostly combined with some form of chocolate.

Gluten Free Mixes -- New on Tastes of Idaho

Posted by Sandy on 11/10/2017 to Newest Products
You asked, we delivered!  We've added four Namaste Food mixes (again, made in a gluten-free dedicated facility in beautiful north Idaho). And a couple are sugar free as well.

Idaho Candy favorites back in stock

Posted by Sandy on 11/6/2017 to Tasty Updates
We are proud to report a rash of candies back on the Tastes of Idaho website for the holidays! These old-fashioned favorites from Idaho Candy Company -- Idaho's largest and oldest candy company.

Expanded Selection of Basket Inventory NOW IN STOCK

Posted by Sandy on 10/28/2017 to Newest Products
Getting close to that time of year when inventory starts showing up here almost daily!  As part of that process, we just got in the fullest selection of baskets - to fill with your online choice of goodies - that we've offered in several years. Maybe ever.

Jelly Options on Tastes of Idaho

Posted by Sandy on 10/19/2017 to Tasty Updates
Huckleberry jam and huckleberry syrup are, historically, our best-selling Tastes of Idaho products. But, some people prefer the taste and texture of jellies, so here is our variety of uniquely Idaho jellies!

Sugar Free Products for the Holidays

Posted by Sandy on 10/14/2017 to Tasty Updates
Last spring we brought in a couple lines of sugar-free items that were a big seller for our diabetic, pre-diabetic (metabolic syndrome) customers, and those who wish to avoid processed sugar.

Four chocolate bars back in stock (3 huckleberry)

Posted by Sandy on 10/6/2017 to Newest Products
With the cooler temperatures, we are making good our promise to restock some of your favorite chocolates on the Tastes of Idaho website

Huckleberry price increases coming Thursday… beat the jump

Posted by Sandy on 10/1/2017 to Industry Info
Several of our vendors, especially those offering huckleberry goodies, recently upped their pricing on most products… in some cases substantially. On the Tastes of Idaho website, pricing will start reflecting these increases on THURSDAY, OCTOBER 5.

The Food ‘Expiration Date’ MYTH… are you throwing away perfectly good food?

Posted by Sandy on 9/21/2017 to Industry Info
Did you know that the average US household throws away $1500 of perfectly good food, due to a misconception? We, at Tastes of Idaho, would like to address the confusion regarding so-called "expiration dates".

Storewide Clearance, 30% off! Help us make room for holiday goodies!!

Posted by Sandy on 9/10/2017 to Tasty Updates
Fall is the time of year when Tastes of Idaho restocks for the upcoming holiday season. ....
So, we are offering an unprecedented 30% store-wide sale (all products in stock, INCLUDING "Build-Your-Own BASKETS and close-out items!) for the next three days.