As summer slows down and youngsters start getting ready for the new school term, Tastes of Idaho begins our annual holiday inventory upgrades, including new and exciting products.

Besides all your favorites coming back soon -- including chocolate goodies, taken offline for the summer due to shipping restrictions -- we are looking at adding a new line of Gluten Free goodies.

Are you or someone on your gift list, gluten free? We did find two gluten free processors in Idaho (and of course, many of our products are already gluten free... just not those tasty breakfast and dessert mixes).
I've been on a gluten free diet since I discovered in 2009 that this protein was attacking my neurological system. I was even on dementia medication for a while, until we sorted things out.
My cognitive and digestive systems are now back after 8 years on a strict gluten free diet. So I completely understand there are a growing number of us who MUST avoid mixes and sauces and other products with gluteny ingredients.
Due to my sensitivity, I am always looking for new and interesting and (increasingly) tasty gluten free products. And I am wondering if you, or someone close to you, is also committed - by choice or necessity - to go gluten free. 

If you would like us to stock gluten free items (primarily for gift giving), please let us know by commenting on this post or email us at [email protected].

Of course, we would love to feature Idaho made gluten free items, but really want to know your thoughts before expanding into this niche.

Happy Gluten Free!

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