Are you planning a special barbecue or picnic this summer?  Tastes of Idaho stocks a flavorful supply of condiments for your special celebration, picnic or family fun day.

First, have you checked out our line of mustards?  Wagners Idaho Foods offers three choice flavors, including their popular Old Fashion Idaho Mustard, that are sure to dress up your hot dogs and hamburgers.

Or how about chips and salsa?  Our full line of Treasure Valley Salsas is a winning addition any party or get-together.  This favorite condiment is perfect when you want to add some extra spice to your party food.

And, of course, we have several barbecue marinades and grilling sauce options.  Use as a marinade to prepare your meats, slather on your food as you grill or just serve on the side to dress up any dish!

Let Tastes of Idaho make your next party a big hit!!

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