Getting close to that time of year when inventory starts showing up here almost daily!
As part of that process, we just got in the fullest selection of baskets - to fill with your online choice of goodies - that we've offered in several years. Maybe ever.
On the downside, our beloved and popular baskets in the Idaho shape ARE NO LONGER AVAILABLE. Since these are made in China, and imported to a US distributor before coming to us, we are subject to conditions in China. Times are changing. General wages are going up, and as populations around the globe age, it's become harder and harder to find young people willing to do traditional, menial work. Specialty shaped baskets, even if someone can be found to make them, are now extremely expensive. So, if we are able to inventory the Idaho baskets again at some point, they are likely to be much pricier. 

However, for this year at least, we've substituted a number of basket options, with similar product capacity.

And as you probably know, Tastes of Idaho specializes in the create your own basket niche, helping you build a custom Idaho and/or Huckleberry basket online!

Just order the yummy Idaho products you want from the categories of your choice. Then click on the Baskets category in the left column, and choose a basket suitable for the number of products you ordered. As part of choosing a basket, also select the "shred" (stuffing) color of your choice 
We then assemble, shrinkwrap, and add some touches with a bow and gift note card to your baskets according to the choices you made, and ship it to your gift recipient! 

PS We do ship to most foreign countries, but call us to make arrangements, as shipping options are too complicated to put into a simple explanation. 

Below is a sampling of some of the shapes and materials of our baskets. Enjoy! And, as always, we ship year-round for birthdays, thank you gifts, and other holidays. Are your November birthdays covered? Is Thanksgiving a good time to send a gift of appreciation to someone you feel gratitude for? 

Stay tuned. Our full, expanded holiday inventory is expected on the website by late next week... we will let you know! In the meantime, still
lots to choose from, for your pre-holiday gifting or personal needs.

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