Building a Gift Basket online is a snap!

Click on the Baskets category in the left column, and choose a suitable basket suitable for the gift you wish to create.  T
hen order the yummy Idaho products you want.     

Also, we add a note or enclosure card with your personal message, as a free service. Be sure to write out the note - including "To:" and "From:" - during the check out process.

Detailed Instructions:

1. First, click on the Baskets category in the left column, and scroll down through the basket choices, including the Idaho baskets, and choose a basket suitable for the number of products you would like to order order. For each basket, we indicate the number of average-sized products that particular basket will normally accommodate. If you choose some larger products (e.g. bread mixes, huckleberry BBQ, huckleberry lemonade, sourdough pancakes) they will count as 1 1/2 or 2 products. Small jars, for example, jam under 4 ounces, would be 1/2 product equivalent. 

Some products, such as bulk taffy and huckleberry cordials, do not add to the product count and provide a wonderful way to fill out any holes in the basket presentation. Please stay below the maximum product count. 

2. Second, browse through, and select the products you would like in your basket. Note that there are several pages of Idaho (mostly huckleberry) goodies, and about 150 total Idaho gourmet food and personal care products!

If you select more items than recommended, you may always upgrade to the next larger basket, to maintain an attractive basket! Of course, if the products do not quite fit, we just ship the extras inside the shipping box, along with the filled and shrink-wrapped basket.

TIP! For most secure shipping, include some products with softer packaging (e.g. pancake mixes, candies, coffee's, cocoa's, etc.) to provide a padding between the glass bottle and jar products. Normally no more than 2/3 of your Idaho products should be glass. For larger baskets, get as close to 50-50 (glass and non-glass) as you can.

TIP: Adding a handful of individual bulk taffy, or huckleberry cordials - which come in a shiny foil, really provide a lot of color and accent, and add a nice finish to your Idaho or huckleberry gift basket selection.

Basket Prices include MANY Things!

You might be confused by the pricing of the "empty" baskets in the Baskets category. Each basket price is really a combination of multiple elements:

  • The BASKET
  • Shred (filling) needed to support and present products in a particular basket (some are deeper than others)
  • Shrink wrapping the basket
  • Gift card
  • Bow (1 to 3 bows, depending on the size of the basket)
  • Fitted shipping box
  • Padding, peanuts, and other packaging materials used to reduce risk of breakage!
Note that shipping charges have gone up dramatically from all three carriers in recent years (USPS, UPS, FedEx). Choose the cheapest, but note that US Postal Service is virtually always the fastest, outside the Western 11 states. 

Sales tax is charged ONLY on baskets and goodies shipped to Idaho addresses, per state law. Other destinations are currently sales tax-free.

If you experience any challenges, or have questions, PLEASE feel free to contact us. 

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