You asked, we delivered!

If you remember, this past summer we sent out an email asking if any of our beloved customers were gluten free, or if someone on their gift list, chooses to avoid gluten - for whatever reason.

Then, with a little research, we found that Namaste', one of the oldest and largest gluten-free companies on the market, is based RIGHT HERE IN IDAHO! Coeur d'Alene, as a matter of fact. And the packaging is colorful and spectacular! 
So this week, we are announcing a handful of certified gluten free items available on our Tastes of Idaho website! (Note that many items we carry, are naturally gluten free - except for dessert and baking mixes. But this is is our FIRST foray into no gluten options for breakfast and sweets!)

During this, our trial year, we've added four Namaste Food mixes (again, made in a gluten-free dedicated facility in beautiful north Idaho). And a couple are sugar free as well:

Each product is packaged in a full-color box with complete instructions and cooking times. 

Due to the large size and shape of the packaging, Namaste's mixes will not fit well into most of our smaller baskets. But we are happy to include them as a separate item in your gift basket package or as part of a non-basket gift selection.

Gluten sensitive and/or Celiac folks may now enjoy even more Tastes of Idaho products!

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