Idaho's Famous Potatoes result in lots of value-added spud products. One line we recently started carrying, that's quickly become a customer favorite, is the Idahoan Potato Mixes!
Now, if you live in Idaho, this tasty quick-serve mashed potato brand is readily available in one or more of your local grocery stores. However, for people on your gift list outside of Idaho, these make as a colorful and inexpensive add-on to a gift basket or package. 
And if you are an Idaho ex-patriot, you will love sampling these memorable tastes of home.
And oh, the delicious homemade flavors!
Each unique mix includes a smorgasbord of seasonings and ingredients to bring back old-fashioned flavors of yesteryear. As you know, taters are the ultimate versatile tuber for creating diverse side dish options. These all come ready to hydrate, heat, and serve.
For the holidays, we plan to greatly expand the number of flavor options, but right now we are carrying these three best sellers, plus the new "LOADED" mashed potato option. Some clients are sending one of each to their friends and relatives across the US.

Currently, these are the mixes we have in stock:

And our newest addition:

Each mix is complete -- just add boiling water, stir and eat!!

Mashed potatoes were never so easy, so tasty or so colorful.

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