Although Tastes of Idaho specializes in Idaho-made huckleberry products, we also offer a fabulous selection of other delicious berry-based jams and jellies.

For example:

Large Razzleberry Jam (marriage of raspberry and huckleberry!)
Elderberry Jelly (Idaho favorite)
Small Marionberry Jam (loved in Oregon)

Wild Blackberry Jam (handpicked and SEEDLESS)
Chokecherry Jam (didn't know those sour chokecherries could tastes so good!)
Blackcap jam (the rich flavor of black raspberries)

Or see our complete selection of jams and jellies (including huckleberry)!

Oh and don't forget, non-huckleberry syrups and goodies too!

As always, quantities limited to stock on hand.

Happy Berry March!!

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