With the lazy days of summer, salads make a wonderful cool meal.  Add some huckleberry dressing, and we have a unique and tasty salad -- good enough for a summer barbeque or potluck!

Tastes of Idaho carries two different huckleberry dressings -- both delicious!

Coeur d Alene Huckleberry Ginger Dressing & Glaze
Dorothy's Huckleberry Dressing

Both of these unique huckleberry dressings feature a recipe or suggested use on the bottle.

Coeur d Alene huckleberry dressing suggests the following:

Serve over iceberg lettuce, mixed fruit, or chopped cabbage with shredded carrots, diced apples, and your choice of nuts or seeds.

Dorothy's huckleberry dressing offers the following recipe:

Leaf lettuce
Cantaloupe cut in 16 thin wedges, rinds removed
2 avocados sliced into 16 wedges
1 cup grapes cut in half lengthwise

Divide the leaf lettuce onto 4 plates.  Alternate cantaloupe and avocado wedges.  Sprinkle with 1/4 cup of grapes.  Drizzle with huckleberry dressing.

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