Huckleberry honey is one of my favorite huckleberry products.  It adds a wonderful huckleberry flavor to muffins, bread, cereal, but my favorite way to enjoy huckleberry honey is on toast!

Of course, huckleberry honey can be used just like you would use any honey. 

One of the most unique ways I have seen huckleberry honey used is in Mojitos!

The following recipe is a new twist on the traditional Mojitos …. but before we take a look at the recipe, if you need huckleberry honey, we carry a full supply on the Tastes of Idaho website.

Huckleberry Mojitos


  • 2 oz white rum
  • 3/4 oz huckleberry honey
  • 5 garden fresh mint leaves
  • 2 oz soda water
  • Lime wedges


  1. In a glass with ice, combine all ingredients, stir together.
  2. Garnish with lime wedges and mint.

Special Tip: Omit alcohol and swap out for soda water to make a mocktail

Check out the original recipe and article!



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