Are you, or someone on your gift list, a taffy lover?

During the summer months, there are only a select few candy products that can handle shipping during the summer heat.  Of course, no shipping chocolate (and other select candies) until the temperatures are below 75 degrees.

Huckleberry taffy is one exception.  Extreme heat can affect it, but in most cases, we can ship nearly any time of the year (if you receive taffy from Tastes of Idaho on a hot day, just let it sit awhile until it returns to a room temperature of 70 to 80 degrees for the best experience).


Our huckleberry taffy is packaged in two ziplock-bagged sizes:

  • 5 oz. bag (20 pieces)
  • 9 oz. bag (36 pieces)

(Pictured is our beautiful Gold Mountain label, but during the Christmas season, our special Happy Holidays label is a best seller!)

Or if you are looking for bulk huckleberry taffy, without the fancy-labeled ziplock bag, it is available on the website as well!

Huckleberry Taffy is in stock and ready to ship to you today!

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