In your planning for your holiday gift giving, please consider the ready-made gift boxes from Gem Berry.

The various boxes might include huckleberry jam, syrup, chocolates .... and other huckleberry treats!

The best selling gift box ( which we offer on th Tastes of Idaho website) is the Mountain Duo which contains a bottle huckleberry syrup and a large jar of huckleberry jam.

But this is just a small sampling of the beautiful gift packs available directly from Gem Berry.

If you visit their site, Gem Berry Products, you will find
other popular gift packs including (but not limited to)


Mountain Delight Gift Box (huckleberry jam and cordial box)
Mountain Treasure Gift Box (huckleberry syrup and cordial box)
The Woodsman Gift Box (huckleberry syrup, jam and buckwheat pancake mix)
Mountain Double Duo Gift Box (2 each huckleberry jam and syrup)

Of course, you can also purchase the contents of these gift boxes separately on the Tastes of Idaho website or on the Gem Berry website:

Gem Berry features many more popular huckleberry products, so make sure and check out their website for their beautiful branded selection of huckleberry gift boxes and huckleberry products, manufactured in small batches!

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