Santa Claus made an early stop at Tastes of Idaho to fill our inventory with wonderful new and best-selling products for holiday sales. 

First, one of our more popular products, Idaho Wild Huckleberry Milkshake Mixer, is now back in stock.  To make a delicious huckleberry milkshake mix 4 scoops (approximately 2 cups) of ice cream with 1/3 cup of whole milk and add 1/4 or more mixer.  Adjust to taste.

Huckleberry milkshake mixer also doubles as a topping for cake, ice cream, or any dessert where you want to add some extra huckleberry flavor!

Or if you prefer your huckleberry in a hot beverage on a cold day, check out our packets of Wild Huckleberry Cocoa for two

The site also features two options of wild huckleberry honey in plastic bear-shaped bottles. Our newest huckleberry honey features a rich dark huckleberry colored honey. 

More products on the site .... emailing announcements over the next few days!  Check out the newest products New Products page, if you can't wait!!