Just a heads up Tastes of Idaho in advance of the holiday gift season.
What we are finding is that several of our vendors, especially those offering huckleberry goodies, recently upped their pricing on most products… in some cases substantially.
On the Tastes of Idaho website, pricing will start reflecting these increases on THURSDAY, OCTOBER 5. This will affect many or most of our huckleberry products, and maybe a handful of others. Unfortunately, that change will be up, not down.
We always appreciate it when a supplier tells us in advance of a price increase. So, we are offering that same courtesy to you. If you want to lock in the current pricing with an order over the next few days, now is the time.
Of course, current pricing is limited to stock on hand – so if you are able to order your favorites on the website before Thursday, it is still in stock at the lower, original price.
We are also happy to announce a number of products back in stock Thursday, including huckleberry chocolate bars (and maybe a couple first-time products), along with the new pricing.
So if re-stocking is what you are waiting for, you are in luck, albeit probably at new prices.
As always, we welcome you to browse our Tastes of Idaho website, for some pre-holiday planning (or current needs for birthdays, thank you gifts, etc.)
Thanks for your continued patronage.
Happy Huckleberry!

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