What is the most popular berry in Idaho?
Huckleberry, hands down!
Are these purple delicacies the ONLY game in town?

NOT! Idaho is rich with berries (and handcrafted berry products)! 

Idaho foodcrafters grow - and/or pick wild - several other popular berries, then lovingly manufactured into delicious jams, jellies, syrups, and even pie fillings. 

If you love some of these other (mostly) wild berries, we have a selection of products on the shelves, waiting for your shopping cart. Great gifts, or... self-indulgence... YOU DESERVE THESE TONGUE TEASERS, don't you!

Blackcap Syrup, Jam and Pie Filling  
Blackberry Syrup and Jam  
Chokecherry Syrup and Jam  

Elderberry Syrup   
Marionberry Jam  
Razzleberry Syrup and Jam (Raspberry/Huckleberry)

All products are in stock (but supplies are limited) for quick delivery to you, family and friends.

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