Thu. Dec 1st, 2022

Idaho is famous for its potato production and its nickname as “The Gem State”. People who have never come to this state might only know that products made in Idaho are only potatoes and gems. As a place where a variety of gemstones like quartz and opal are mined, Idaho is already unique and special. It is also the home of about one-third of the potatoes in the U.S. The potato has been Idaho’s identity for centuries, and it is an essential part of this state’s economy.

However, just because it is known for its gems and potatoes doesn’t mean it has nothing else to serve. Here are some unique, made in Idaho gifts that can be added to your shopping list.

Totally Bamboo A Slice Of Life Idaho State Serving And Cutting Board

made in idaho

Imagine bringing Idaho home to your kitchen. If you love this state that much, you can do it easily by having this Idaho State Serving and Cutting Board from Totally Bamboo. This unique cutting board is engraved with Idaho’s attractions and top towns. The artwork features some amazing places and sights in Idaho.

The part with the artwork is used as a serving board, and it will boost your kitchen scheme. Once you flip it, you can use the blank area as a cutting board. As an Idaho made product, this 2-in-1 serving board and cutting board carries some of the characteristics of Idaho products, which are natural and sustainable.

This cutting board is made of Mosso bamboo, a type of bamboo that is renewable and easy to regrow after harvesting. This bamboo is also knife-friendly, safe, and non-toxic. This durable material can make your cooking much more fun.

Bigelow Herbal Tea

made in idaho

There is nothing better than enjoying a cup of tea in the morning, and there is no tea better than herbal tea. Bigelow Herbal Tea comes in six varieties of flavors including Lemon Ginger, Orange and Spice, Mint Medley, Sweet Dreams, Cozy Chamomile, and Perfect Peach. With so many different flavors in one package, this herbal tea is ideal as a gift or as a morning companion that will give you a whole new perspective on drinking tea.

As one of the unique Idaho gifts, Bigelow herbal tea is caffeine-free and hygienic. It is individually packed in foil pouches to ensure that you will always taste it at its best and freshest. Every taste of the tea is real because the spices, tea, and herbs are all hand-picked.

Idaho Spud Candy Bars

made in idaho

At first sight, this candy bar looks just like a potato, and that’s why it comes from Idaho. This candy is packed in a unique package that resembles a box of potatoes, which makes it perfect as a gift.

However, the package is the only thing that resembles potatoes because, once you bite it, you will never find any taste of potatoes. The Idaho Spud Bar is made of chocolate, marshmallow, and coconut.

You can imagine how sweet and chewy this candy bar is. It is a bar of marshmallows coated with chocolate and sprinkled with coconut. This combination creates a well-balanced taste that everyone loves.

Classic Magnet Made with Pride in the USA

made in idaho

An Artwood Magnet can be an unforgettable souvenir, especially when it is made in full color of an Idaho illustration. Unlike any other magnets, Classic Magnet highlights the icons of Idaho, from its highways, cities, icons, and even the potatoes in full color.

The Classic Artwood Magnet measures 2.8″ x 4.3″ and is made of high-quality MDF material with a 25″ thickness and magnet backing with full coverage. It is the perfect gift and souvenir that will always make you want to go back to Idaho.

Huckleberry Idaho Black Leather Wrapped Stainless Steel

made in idaho

If you ever travel to Huckleberry, Idaho, this black leather-wrapped stainless steel flask makes a wonderful souvenir. The flask is made of lightweight stainless steel, and its leather wrap makes it simple to grip, conceal in your suit or coat pocket, or anywhere else, and store.

To prevent leaks, the screw-cap is completely sealed. It’s ideal for outdoor activities like camping, hiking, beach parties, sporting events, hunting, fishing, and skiing, as well as weddings and other special occasions. It holds about 7 ounces of liquid.

Delight Naturals Idaho Huckleberry Lip Balm

made in idaho

Lip balm with Idaho’s state fruit flavor, huckleberry. Made with safe and natural ingredients sourced from the USA. It is a premium lip balm product that is known for being supple, smooth, and very hydrating.

It softens and moisturizes without leaving a greasy or waxy residue. To ensure the best taste and quality, they are made by hand in small quantities.

Totally Bamboo Idaho State Puzzle 4 Piece Bamboo Coaster Set with Case

made in idaho

Another unique souvernir from Totally Bamboo, Idaho State Puzzle is a multi-functional item. As coasters, it can protect your table from glasses and mugs while also serving as an attractive conversation piece for your guests. The perfect 4 to 4-inch pint is suitable for a variety of glasses and mugs that you have.

The puzzle is engraved with beautiful places and sights in Idaho and is split into four pieces. Just putting them together will reveal the artwork of Idaho Falls, the Clearwater Mountains, and more. Being packaged in a sturdy case with a colorful tag makes it an amazing choice of gift.

It is made from Moso bamboo, a type of renewable bamboo that is not a panda diet. It can regrow quickly and is safer than plastic. It is more durable than a knife and is easier to clean.

Balmshot Lip Balm

made in idaho

Not an ordinary lip balm that you find at your favorite beauty store, Balmshot Lip Balm is not just a brand name; this lip balm is packed in a shotshell. It is a unique idea by the product owner that has been loved by so many people.

With the shotshell, you will not worry about any goey mess or loose caps when putting it in your pocket or bag. Containing beeswax and titanium dioxide, this lip balm moisturizes while protecting your lips from sunburn. This is not a common product to find in a made in Idaho store, but it is a great gift as it is unique and effective.

Made in Montana Products, Idaho’s Neighbor

DAYSPA Huckleberry Sugar Scrub

When talking about products made in Idaho, you can’t leave out potatoes and huckleberries. Every time you see or hear the name of this fruit, you will always remember the place it comes from: North America, Idaho.

Huckleberry has been widely used for the skin because of its benefits. Huckleberry Sugar Scrub is one of the huckleberry skincare products that you must try because it carries the wild yet mouthwatering smell of huckleberry. Since this is a type of Idaho products, it is guaranteed to be natural and safe using plant-derived ingredients.

More interestingly, this natural sugar scrub is designed for all skin types, even the most sensitive, because of its hypoallergenic formula. When skin is exfoliated, the texture will become smooth, soft, and silky as the dead skin cells are removed.

Taste The Wilderness Deluxe Gift Crate

The benefits of huckleberries for skin would be incomplete if your tongue did not get a turn. A custom deluxe gift crate consisting of huckleberry jam, huckleberry syrup, Glap Jack Mox, and Rasy-Huck Jam can be a great breakfast menu.

You don’t have to go to the mountain, just having this gift crate on your dining table will bring the mountain to your home. More than just a breakfast menu idea, this package is perfect as a gift or for maintaining a family tradition.

None of these lists are made of potatoes or contain gems, but they remind you of Idaho since they have some of its characteristics. Now you have more things to pick as a gift or souvenir made in Idaho and they are more than just attractive, they are functional and tasty at the same time.