Idaho is famous for its potatoes and, of course, it's huckleberry products!  (Did you know that huckleberries are the Idaho state fruit?)

And, huckleberry jam is, by far, our best selling product on the Tastes of Idaho website, in all its sizes, recipes, and brands.

Enjoy your choice of options for huckleberry jam on our site. And of course, the Idaho Redneck Toe Jam ranks right up there as our top selling huckleberry and HUMOR product.

Plus, for the first time ever (with limited quantities), we are offering this jam in a whopping 11 oz. (net weight) jar.  Perfect for the huckleberry jam lover who enjoys a bit of Idaho humor.
Also the 11 oz is available in Gold Mountain Gourmet!

And if huckleberry is not your preferred jamming gig, check out the large selection of other fruit jams we offer at Tastes of Idaho.

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