During the fall and winter, we do a booming business in special orders for the event and holiday industry.

Inquiries come from people getting married, organizing an event or meeting, sending customer gifts…. even planning family reunions… They want to get some huckleberry favors, gifts for welcome packets, or just create fun memories… and what better way to do it, than with tasteful and tasty goodies?

With our connections to the huckleberry and Idaho gourmet food industries, we can often put together a special bulk order, even with products we don’t show on our website.

Popular items include lip balms (several flavors, including our top selling huckleberry), 4 oz huckleberry jams, soaps in a wide variety of scents and configurations, popcorn, and all kinds of confections.

Oh, and did I mention custom labels are available on many items?? Not every product is available this way with your own logo, company name, or event particulars. But depending on volume, and a small graphics charge, you would be surprised what we can come up with!

Put your holiday (or other event) date and information on your own private label, as a memory maker. Consider the impact of your company name on a huckleberry goodie that will REALLY stand out at a trade show or conference.

Oh, and depending on volume, we can often do a 10% to 15% discount over regular retail prices!

Give us a holler, and let us do come concierge shopping for you.

Do remember that logistics for these larger orders do require a bit of extra time, ESPECIALLY if you want a custom label.

Last year, we shipped out thousands of cool huckleberry items, including jams, lip balms, soaps, and candy for wedding favors, customer gifts, and conference welcome packs.
Are you associated with an upcoming event in the near future, that I can help you make even more memorable??

Give me a quick call or send an email, and let’s see what we can find and create for you!

Happy Huckleberry,

Sandy Dell
Tastes of Idaho
(888) 231-1699

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