Our newest products on Tastes of Idaho include 'gift-sized' huckleberry vinegar, huckleberry syrup and huckleberry jam -- all from Wild Mountain Berries.

Huckleberry vinegar is available in the standard 12 oz. bottle PLUS a 5 oz. gift size!

Huckleberry jam comes in the 8 oz. jar PLUS a mini 2 oz. size.  Great for give-aways at parties and events!

And for the huckleberry syrup enthusiasts, we have the standard 8.5 oz. bottle along with a gift-sized 5 oz. bottle!

If you are looking for just the perfect small gift for someone special on your Christmas list -- or -- if you were looking to add more product to your custom gift basket, these Wild Mountain Berries' huckleberry products are perfect!

Happy Thanksgiving from all of us at Tastes of Idaho!!