Our chocolate inventory supply tends to dwindle down over the spring months and we don't restock until the weather cools down.
As we head down the backstretch to the holidays - we are starting to get some of our top sellers back in -- including the popular Huckleberry Milk and Dark Chocolate bars.

Dream Chocolate's huckleberry chocolate bars are a big seller -- especially during the holiday.  Available in both Milk Chocolate and Dark Chocolate, they are a favorite for holiday stocking stuffers!

We've gotten so many requests for some of these huckleberry chocolate bars, that we are offering them for early ordering. The bars will be back in stock and ready to ship the week of November 12!  But you can pre-order them now!
PS.  The famous Idaho Spud Bars are also in stock now.  And, of course, lots of huckleberry candies as well.  Check them out here:  Candy & Confections

More chocolates and other yummy products (including the popular huckleberry cordials) coming in over the next weeks. 

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