In just over two weeks, it’s time to celebrate the most romantic day of 2017… and I hope you benefit from a special person in your life, like I do.

(If not, I recommend you treat yourself to a romantic setting, and dream about what it will be like when that person pops into your life!)

Regardless, if you want to do something different this Valentine’s Day, we ask you to consider including huckleberry in your romantic event. Of course, this will only work if your special person enjoys huckleberry! Hard to believe, but not everyone is a passionate fanatic.

My first recommendation, for something simple – as a post dinner warm up – is melt-in-your-mouth huckleberry cordials, with some huckleberry lemonade as a chaser (either straight or as a mixer). Or you might add some ginger ale or 7-Up.

Huckleberry Lemonade Concentrate

Huckleberry Chocolate Cordials

And if you want to go further…

Tastes of Idaho feature some wonderful gift boxed sure to please your special someone.

Owyhee Butter Toffee Gift Box

Huckleberry Chocolate Cordial Gift Box

Idaho Spud Gift Box

You can also find a large selection of huckleberry gift boxes on our sister site: Gem Berry Products!

Tastes of Idaho has lots of yummy chocolate -- a Valentine's favorite. You can check out the large selections (some pictured below) on our Chocolate page!

Let us help you make this the best Huckleberry Valentines Day (while supplies last)!!

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