We offer your choice of shippers, including US regular (and International) Priority and Express Mail, FedEx, and UPS. Orders sent via Priority or Express Mail generally go out the next business day, orders via UPS and/or FedEx may ship later.

US Express or Priority Mail is generally the fastest route to the Eastern half of the US, usually two or three days to any location. During the holidays, it may take up to a week to large population centers on the East Coast due to volume and weather issues. FedEx Home Delivery and UPS Ground are generally a week to the East Coast. Priority Mail or Express Mail are your best options for shorter delivery times. We generally recommend Priority Mail if you can afford it on a particular order.

Note that all shippers suffer from delays during the holidays, which may be due to the weather or skyrocketing volume from burgeoning ecommerce sales. Shop and ship early.

For international orders to Canada and United Kingdom, Priority Mail rates apply to up to 3 lbs of product only (4lbs actually, but 1 lb is for packaging). Orders above that weight require either a more expensive flat rate box, or special arrangements. Call for specifics and we will do our best to make it happen for you! Expedited International shipping "may" be available through UPS or FedEx.

We can ship about anywhere, but please call for special arrangements for orders sent outside the US, Canada, or UK! Virtually any shipment to Europe or Australia/New Zealand are pretty seamless.


Sales tax of 6% is added to orders shipped to Idaho addresses, only. Orders sent elsewhere will not be charged with sales tax, but the recipient is responsible for any sales or use taxes levied at your or their end.

Canadian customers should expect to pay the regular GST fees upon delivery. However, orders sent to Canada as gifts, will be marked as such, and are usually not subject to GST.

Gift Shipments

We specialize in gift shipments, including made-to-order baskets. Please include any special instructions in the comments section of the order form. And, note that will send your gift with a FREE personalized gift note card! BE SURE to include the message, TO, and FROM in the comments section.

With our new ecommerce platform, you may now:

1) Create and save an account, so you do not have to re-input your information every time you place an order.
2) You may send to multiple locations/recipients with ONE order (rather than a separate order for each shipment)


Occasionally, someone experiences issues with placing an order, or with the shipping options. If you encounter this, we will gladly accommodate your order by phone, or help you work through the online issues live while you are in the system. We are a Mom & Pop, and answer the phone any time we are up and around (especially during the holidays), so feel free to call any time. If we are not available at the moment, please leave a message.

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