Last spring we brought in a couple lines of sugar-free items that were a big seller for our diabetic, pre-diabetic (metabolic syndrome) customers, and those who wish to avoid processed sugar.
Tastes of Idaho now offers a complete inventory of sugar-free huckleberry jams and syrups and of course, salsas!

Most of our 'no sugar added' jams and syrups are sweetened with concentrated fruit juice.

One special huckleberry preserves spread is sweetened with lycasin -- a natural corn derivative.

No need to go without your favorite huckleberry syrup or jam, if you are avoiding sugar!

Also, if you are looking for a sugarless salsa, we have a complete line of seven flavored salsas -- All sugar free!!

If you are holiday shopping for a friend who is not eating sugar, make sure to check out our no sugar added products!

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