Tastes of Idaho

Tastes of Idaho.com was started in 2004, as a full-service online retail gift and gourmet store featuring the largest selection of Made in Idaho products on the web. The store carries a large line of traditional and unique huckleberry products, 'spud' gift and gourmet foods, personal care products, regional books and fun, interesting souvenirs.

As an added premium service to our customers, Tastes of Idaho offers the popular custom 'build your own' gift baskets. The variety of baskets and shred colors give customers extra choices to personalize baskets, which we then send all over the US and in some cases, the world. 

We also feature the popular Idaho shaped gift baskets! 

Company Bio

Tastes of Idaho formed in 2002 as a program to sell and market Idaho-made specialty and gourmet foods. Originally, we just sold at shows, and a six-week holiday booth at the Palouse Mall in Moscow, Idaho for the holidays was our first successful gig. We followed there again in 2003. In 2004 we launched our own website at TastesofIdaho.com on the StoresOnline.com platform. Stores Online was state of the art back then, but has not kept pace with the times. In late 2016, after researching over 50 e-commerce platforms, we settled on 3DCart, and the result is what you see today.

Over the years, Tastes of Idaho has been involved in the Idaho Specialty Foods Association and state gift shows, Idaho Department of Agriculture's Idaho Preferred Program guidelines development, University of Idaho's Business and Technology Incubator workshop and classes, state-wide "How to Start a Specialty Foods Business" workshops, and numerous retail shows and holiday booths. We also operate Idaho Gifts Wholesale, a sales rep website, featuring Idaho-made products sold wholesale to retailers.

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