As we move to our full projected inventory of "made in Idaho" goodies for the holiday season, we've now maxed out our inventory of candies with REAL huckleberry and vibrant flavorings.

SIXTEEN different huckleberry candies, mostly combined with some form of chocolate.

And, of course we do offer a wide variety of other "made in Idaho" candy selections.

But for right now, you will find THE largest candy inventory we will keep in stock all year at Tastes of Idaho, waiting for your order... while supplies last!

Our newest huckleberry candy additions include these four tongue-teasing wonders:

Huckleberry Cordial Nuggets -- Farr's supersized cordial is a twist on the old-fashioned cordials, sure to satisfy any huckleberry chocolate craving! 

Huckleberry Gummi Bears -- A fun new treat at Tastes of Idaho, especially popular with youngsters, and those of us who refuse to grow up!

Huckleberry Jelly Beans -- Back in stock due to customer demand, after being unavailable for a few years!

Idaho Huckleberry Dark Chocolate Bar -- Large huckleberry fondant-filled DARK chocolate bar (we continue to offer the same bar in milk chocolate!).

Check out the entire selection of old favorites and new sweet treats at the links below:

Huckleberry Candy
All Candy and Confections

PS  By the end of this week, we will be at maximum inventory. Shop and send (or order with delayed shipment) when selections are the greatest. And don't forget our famous "build your own custom gift baskets" with free shrink-wrapping and personalized gift note card... a service we are quite famous for!

Happy Huckleberry!

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