Thu. Dec 1st, 2022

Supporting local Idaho products is certainly a positive thing. Because that way, the local community’s businesses will grow proudly. In addition, giving a unique Idaho gift also shows how proud you are of this state.

Idaho Box and Basket Recommendations

Are you looking for a special Idaho gift basket for your friends, family, or loved ones? Here are our top 10 recommended gift baskets, which you can easily buy online via

1. Around the Clock’s Unique Idaho Food Basket

Idaho Gift Baskets

Gift baskets are perfect for your special occasions, whether for birthdays, anniversaries, or even for your new neighbors. This delightful gift box comes with 8 pieces of goodies, including Wild Huckleberry Syrup, Idaho Pancakes, the popular Idaho Spuds, Owyhee Cherry Cocktail, and other Huckleberry Gems candy bars. This good-looking gift is ready to make faces happy and be devoured.

2. Around the Clock’s Huckleberry Gift Box

Idaho Gift Baskets

Who doesn’t love the delicious flavor of Huckleberry products? This gift box is the perfect treat for yourself or someone you love for Valentine’s Day or an anniversary. It comes with goodies, including the handcrafted huckleberry-scented candle. The gift is beautifully packaged in a white box with a purple bow.

3. Around the Clock’s Inspired Gift Basket

idaho gift baskets

Building your own gift baskets can be challenging, especially if you’re pressed for time and don’t want to bother with decorating them. The easiest way is to buy it. You can have this happy-looking gift basket that comes with pure copper mugs, spiced apple cider, scented candles, and Idaho Potato Muffin Mix.

4. OWYHEE’s Fun and Unique Gift Sack

Idaho Gift Baskets

Just like its name implies, this product comes in a sack, which makes it a unique present to give to your loved ones. As fun as it looks, this classic-looking sack is filled with a 6-pack of the famous Idaho Spuds and is great for any occasion.

5. Idaho Spud’s Special Candy Bars

Idaho Gift Baskets

Another gift idea that relates to Idaho Spud is this collectible gift box. The box offers 12 packs of Idaho Spud that are individually wrapped to protect the products during shipping. If you are out of ideas for presenting a gift, these traditional candy bars will absolutely help you.

6. Around the Clock’s Huckleberry BBQ Sauce and Specialty Foods

Idaho Gift Baskets

Talking about Idaho gift baskets is absolutely baseless without including the popular huckleberry products. This gift basket is a great option if you want to give Huckleberry-related products to someone. It is made from the finest Idaho gourmet products and arranged in a brown market tray and shrink-wrapped with a bow.

7. Around the Clock’s Huckleberry Specialty Food Gift Basket

Idaho Gift Baskets

This special box huckleberry gift basket is all about sweet and delicious things. This gift basket is shrink-wrapped with ribbon and a bow and contains only huckleberry products. It is a perfect gift for family, friends, or co-workers. For an additional touch, you can add a personalized gift message.

8. 3dRose’s Idaho Coffee Gift Basket

Idaho Gift Baskets

Another good gift basket idea comes from 3dRose. This brand offers one 15-oz mug, four soft coasters, and 5 to 2-oz bags of gourmet coffee. The coffee comes in flavors of French Vanilla, Kenya AA, Decaf Colombian Supremo, Chocolate, and Italian Roast Espresso. Another item is a delicious biscotti cookie.

9. 3dRose’s Brown Bear and Coffee Gift Basket

Idaho Gift Baskets

This gift basket is just like the Idaho Coffee Gift Basket. It includes one 15-ounce mug, four soft coasters, and five to 2-ounce bags of the same gourmet coffee flavors. The only difference is the brown bear prints on the mug and the coasters.

10. 3dRose’s Mesa Waterfall, Henrys Fork, and Snake River Gift Basket

Idaho Gift Baskets

If you want to taste real Idahoan coffee with cool prints of iconic places in the state, you can get this gift basket. The coffee’s flavors are French Vanilla, Kenya AA, Decaf Colombian Supremo, Chocolate, and Italian Roast Espresso. Feel special about it while tasting it in a Mesa Waterfall and Snake River-printed mug.