Thu. Dec 1st, 2022

In North America, huckleberry is used to refer to wild plants with small berries that look like blueberries. Blue huckleberry is one of its species, besides the red and purple ones. While it is not easy to find huckleberries at the grocery store, you can enjoy this wild fruit through the products below and it will still taste good.

1. Owyhee Idaho Huckleberry Gems Chocolate Candy Bars

Blue Huckleberry

Idaho candy bars are one of the most popular Idaho gifts. As one of the products from Idaho Candy, this candy bar is unique and delicious. It is a marshmellow creme with huckleberry flavor and is coated in milk chocolate.

The combination of chocolate and marshmallow is mouthwatering. It consists of 18 candies in one package, and it has a dark purple look just like blue huckleberry. From the outside, it looks just like a chocolate bar, but once bitten, you can feel the chewy and smooth texture of the marshmallow.

2. Huckleberry and Blackberry Flavor Ceylon Bag Tea

Blue Huckleberry

Consuming huckleberry in the form of tea is unique but brilliant at the same time. This product is naturally made of Ceylon tea leaves and wild huckleberry as the flavor. The Ceylon tea is grown exclusively while the huckleberries are handpicked individually from the rocky mountains, making it have the best flavor and quality.

The best natural ingredients also result in a lower caffeine content compared to regular tea. It has only 34mg of caffeine in every 60oz, the while regular teas usually contain up to 100mg.

Moreover, this tea guarantees the best flavor of tea since it has no chemicals added that will lead to a residue after taste. There are a total of 40 tea bags in one package of this Ceylon bag tea, with each flavor consisting of 20 tea bags.

3. Wiley Wallaby 10 Ounce Classic Gourmet Soft and Chewy Australian Huckleberry Licorice Candy Twists

Blue Huckleberry

Wiley Wallaby ensures that you can enjoy chewy and soft candies with a huckleberry taste in natural flavorings. The big chunks of this candy and the full berry flavor are satisfying. This candy is vegan and kosher-certified and is fat-free because it uses only sustainable palm oil and contains less sugar.

Every bite of the candies offers a soft texture and a full flavor of blue huckleberry and licorice without feeling artificial. Craving for these candies will never lead to feeling guilty as it doesn’t easily make you gain weight. It comes in a resealable package and is a great pick as an on-the-go snack.

4. Wild Huckleberry Jam by Huckleberry Heaven

Blue Huckleberry

Since it is not easy to enjoy fresh huckleberries, especially if you don’t live in Montana, this huckleberry jam would be a perfect alternative for bringing back those great memories when you eat them. This wild huckleberry jam tastes just like the fresh huckleberries, as it was made without artificial flavors.

It really has fresh huckleberries in it, added with sugar and corn syrup, making it sweet just like a jam, but robust and rare in flavor. It is perfect as a breakfast to add to your bread.

5. Torani Huckleberry Syrup

Blue Huckleberry

As the number one consumer brand in the United States, Torani provides a high-quality huckleberry syrup that is rich in flavor. It has a natural huckleberry flavor that is specially crafted to resemble the fresh fruit.

The use of cane sugar also adds a more authentic taste to the syrup, making it taste and smell just like the hand-picked huckleberries. It can be mixed into a variety of beverages easily, and it mixes well with both cold and hot drinks.

6. Wild Huckleberry Pie Filling

Blue Huckleberry

Making a huckleberry pie is as easy as adding this Wild Huckleberry Pie Filling to your pie crust. Since it is hard to find fresh huckleberries at the grocery store, this pie filling is a perfect alternative since it is made with fresh wild huckleberries.

More than just offering the authentic flavor of huckleberries, it even has some chunks of the berries inside. A bite of a huckleberry pie using this filling would be much more satisfying.

7. Voluspa Santiago Huckleberry Candle

Blue Huckleberry

If you are a scented candle enthusiast, the one with the smell of huckleberry would be a unique addition to your home. This candle is vegan and all natural to ensure you have a clean burning without any chemical ingredients contaminating the air.

It has a sweet and calming scent that is a combination of ripe huckleberries, sugar cane and vanilla. This candle is made with all natural wicks blended with coconut wax, making it environmentally safe. It is also free of parabens, phatalates, and sulfates to ensure clean burning.

8. Taste The Wilderness Wild Huckleberry Coffee

Blue Huckleberry

If you are familiar with enjoying huckleberries in syrup or jam, there is a more unique way of enjoying huckleberries in a cup of coffee. At first sight, this ground coffee will look the same as the other coffee, but as you brew it, you will notice something different in its smell.

When you drink it, you will realize that the taste is exactly the same as the smell. This can be the best flavored coffee since it has a distinctive, unique wild huckleberry blue flavor.

9. Freshly Frozen Wild Blue Huckleberry

Blue Huckleberry

Frozen huckleberries can be a nice option for those who want to eat the wild huckleberry in its original form and taste. Despite the fact that it is frozen, the huckleberry is freshly handpicked in the woodland by the manufacturer to provide the highest quality organic huckleberry.

Each summer, the manufacturer handpicks fresh wild huckleberries at Mt. St. Helens and they are delivered to the consumer frozen on dry ice to keep them solid in good condition. It ensures that consumers can still enjoy the frozen huckleberry just like the fresh one.

10. Huckleberry Premium Bar Soap

Blue Huckleberry

With its high antioxidant content, huckleberry is not only good for health but also great for body care at the same time. This natural premium soap bar is made of a wild blue huckleberry blend with some other natural ingredients such as organic safflower oil and coconut oil.

It can be used for the body, hands, and even the face. The smell of huckleberry is breathtaking, and it won’t make your skin dry as the plant-based oils used contain natural glycerin to moisturize your skin.

Blue Huckleberry vs Blueberry

The biggest difference between blue huckleberry vs blueberry is in the seed. Huckleberry is small with larger, harder seeds and tastes bitter when eaten. Blueberries have very small seeds that are almost unnoticeable.

There are some species of huckleberry; the red ones are a bit tart, while the blue and dark purple ones are sweeter. Blueberries are sweet when they are ripe, especially the low-bush variety.