Thu. Dec 1st, 2022
Huckleberry Lemonade Vodka

Huckleberry lemonade is known for its freshness and its impact on sunny days. With a little bit of ice, huckleberry lemonade vodka can be a great addition. The good thing is that it’s pretty easy to make. With simple ingredients and steps, you can get the best drink for the summer.

The Taste of Huckleberry Vodka

When it comes to its flavor, huckleberry vodka tends to be compared with blueberry vodka. Only because the berries have quite a similar taste. It is sweet with a subtle tartness.

If you are lucky enough to get huckleberry vodka, you won’t need any alternatives. If you can’t find huckleberry vodka, you can substitute any variety of 44 North vodka. Another recommendation, Torani, also makes a great huckleberry syrup for drinks (besides, it is also not that expensive).

What If You Make It in Advance?

This is probably not a great idea because the ice will start to melt and the drink will become watery. However, you can mix lemonade, vodka, and limoncello in a glass jar if you prefer. You can wait until you are ready to serve, then add jam or syrup for the best taste.

How to Make a Huckleberry Lemonade Vodka Cocktail

There is no denying that this recipe is one of the best huckleberry drinks that is loved by many people. The recipe can be made easily by anyone looking for a fresh treat.


• 2 ounces of huckleberry flavor (buy here or here)

• 4 ounces of huckleberry lemonade (buy here, or here)

• 2 ounces of limoncello (buy here)

• ½ of huckleberry jam (buy here)

• Ice

• A touch of lemon (buy here)

• Thyme (buy here)


• In a cocktail shaker, combine vodka, limoncello, and lemonade over ice and beat until cool.

• Put the huckleberry jam in a highball glass with ice. Strain the cocktail over fresh ice and stir with a spoon.

• Next, garnish with a touch of lemon and fresh thyme. Enjoy!

Useful Notes

• Make sure to use all the ice. The ice is used to shake the drink and serve the drink. You know the drill, the colder the better.

• Serve and enjoy your huckleberry vodka drinks immediately. Because once the drink is fully assembled, the ice will melt and you will melt all that delicious huckleberry flavor.

• Try blending the drink. This method only applies if you want to switch it up. Just put your huckleberry lemonade in a blender with ice cubes. It will give you a mixed frozen drink that can be enjoyed in a hot summer. While the taste is delicious, you can serve it in a margarita-style glass for another chilling moment. Do not be surprised if this recipe continues to have your taste buds asking for more.

The Ingredients and Equipment

1. Huckleberry Lemonade

Premium Lemonade with natural freshness. Packaged in a resealable aluminum bottle. Made from a unique blend of lemonade and sweet huckleberry, as well as real lemon juice and cane sugar. This drink has 80 calories per bottle.

2. Limoncello

The huckleberry vodka recipes are definitely the best. To perfect these recipes, you have to have this limoncello on hand for a great additional flavor. This product is a 4-pack product that comes in satin finish bottles.

It is made as an addition to your party or home for an exotic drink that you can serve to your family and friends. This limoncello has the taste of a fresh lemon with no sour taste. As an Italian product, it is also very fragrant and flavorful, which makes it a special addition to your events.

3. Huckleberry Jam

If you are lucky enough to live in states like Idaho, Montana, and Washington, you can get huckleberry jam easily, whether by hunting it or buying it from stores. In the meantime, we recommend this product for an online purchase.

This is a gift set that comes with huckleberry jam, huckleberry tea, and huckleberry honey. As a huckleberry lover, you will absolutely love this product. Not only is the taste delicious, this product also makes a great gift for any huckleberry lover.

4. Fresh Lemons

A touch of lemon is what makes this recipe even more special. The freshness and taste of the fruit make this recipe even more desirable. This product is a good option as it comes with 5 pounds of fresh lemons that are ready to use in your kitchen.

5. Thyme

As an organic product, this thyme is essential for Mediterranean cuisine and is great for enhancing classic flavors. The product comes in a jar with 0.6 ounces of product to inspire your recipes, whether it is stews, vegetables, sauces, seafood, meats, grains, potatoes, or poultry.

6. Cocktail Shaker

For the equipment to make this huckleberry lemonade, you can use a cocktail shaker. With your recommendation, we bring this product to your attention. This is a convenient tool to make a perfect drink as it comes with a double-wall vacuum insulated design.

Other features include a super high-capacity jigger top, twist-lock lid and top, no leaking, never frozen, built-in strainer, and made of Pro-Grade 18/8 stainless steel to avoid metallic taste getting into your cocktails.