Thu. Dec 1st, 2022

With its uniquely addictive sweetness, huckleberry jam and jelly makes the perfect choice for pancakes and muffins and other treats. Here we present a recommendation of 10 huckleberry jam and jelly for you to try.

1. Huckleberry Haven Wild Huckleberry Jam 11 oz

Huckleberry Jam

This product is made from wild huckleberries, sugar, pectin, corn starch, and citric acid. There are many reviews for this product that can reassure you of its quality. Moreover, the 11-ounce jar is the perfect size for a gift.

2. Montana Huckleberry Jam 22 oz

Huckleberry Jam

This jam is handmade at the manufacturer’s ranch in Montana. It’s a custom-made-to-order product fit for cooking or gifts. All the ingredients are natural with no chemicals. It’s great on muffins, pies, and as a spread on crackers and toast.

3. The Dutch Kettle Huckleberry Jam 2 pack 19 oz

Huckleberry Jam

This huckleberry jam comes in two jars, with each jar weighing 19 oz. This makes the size pretty big for a regular jar. It’s also made from sugar, huckleberry, pectin, and citric acid. This product is delicious, rich, and sweet. It’s perfect for children as it tastes sweeter than other huckleberry jams.

4. Huckleberry Haven Sugar Free Huckleberry Jam 11 oz

Huckleberry Jam

This product is also made by Huckleberry Haven. It contains white grape juice, sugar-free pectin and sucralose. As the name suggest, this jam is made without sugar. With lots of huckleberries to in exchange, it’s perfect for diabetics. The taste is clean and refreshing since it is sugar-free.

5. Montana Bounty Foods Huckleberry Jam 2 pack 9 oz

Huckleberry Jam

Another product from Bounty Foods, this jam is made from huckleberries, water, lemon juice, and natural fruit pectin sugar. This makes the consistency very liquid and thin compared to other jams. This product is full of berries. It is rich, natural, and flavorful.

6. Wild Huckleberry Champagne Jelly

Huckleberry jelly

It is made from wild huckleberry juice, sugar, champagne, corn syrup, pectin, and citric acid. This product is effervescence with a taste that is not too sweet. The size is small, as the dimension is only 2.75 x 2 x 2.68 inches. Perfect for those of you who want to try huckleberry jam for the first time. However, this product is now discontinued and it is unknown when it will be back in stock.

7. Wild Huckleberry Champagne Jelly 5 oz

Huckleberry Jam

Have you all felt disappointed by the news before? No need to be disappointed anymore. This one is a level-up product of wild huckleberry champagne jelly. As its name suggests, the uniqueness lies in the mix of wild huckleberry jelly and champagne.

It is totally well worth the money as it has a great taste and texture. Like any other huckleberry product, it’s made from wild huckleberry juice, sugar, corn syrup, champagne, pectin, and citric acid.

8. Bounty Foods Montana Huckleberry Wine Jelly

Huckleberry Jam

This product is handcrafted at the manufacturer’s ranch in Montana. It is infused with huckleberry wine but with zero alcohol as it is burned off during the cooking process. The abundance of berries makes the taste so fruity and sweet.

9. Montana Huckleberry Habanero Jelly Breakfast

Huckleberry Jam

Like any other Bounty Food’s product, this one is also handcrafted in their kitchen at the Lonesome Dove Guest Ranch, Montana. It is vegan-friendly with a little spicy kick as it has habanero pepper.

10. Wild Huckleberry Jam 16 oz

Huckleberry Jam

This huckleberry jam is the most popular item from Huckleberry Haven. The size is bigger than other jams. It bursts with real wild huckleberries that are hand-picked in the deep mountains.